• About Us

    “Nature has so many wonderful healing opportunities to offer us all, when we open our hearts to all that surrounds us”.
    The Path of Angels 2015

    From a very early age my maternal Grandmother always told me I had a very old head on young shoulders. My Nan turned out to have a huge influence both growing up and still to this day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think what would my Nan do, or hear her voice celebrating my successes with me. She was a very spiritual lady who loved nature and always worked to serve, help and guide so many people, as long as I can remember she has always encouraged me to, learn ask questions, and develop my own knowledge.

    Nan inspired me every day and made me want to work in a way that honoured her. I truly did not know what I was going to do, but I knew that whatever it was I would do it with her values and beliefs leading the way and from an early age knew I was destined to help a lot of people. 

    It is thanks to my Nan fully supporting my Intuitive growth that I an able to help and serve so many people today, with the toolbox of skills I have continued to grow and develop.

    I really do not like to put labels on people, non-more so than myself, but if I had to describe who I am I would say I am an intuitive/Creative Healer, who is able to work with Businesses, Groups and Individuals to find the blocks in their life. My passion is to work and remove these blocks using my toolbox of gifts, and then to guide them to love their life and see that there is nothing stopping them achieving their dreams. This allows them to move forward in a more positive and insightful way.

    Using my experience to help people overcome the challenges, and changes they face everyday, is my absolute passion and joy.