• Frequently Asked Questions

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    These are some of the questions we are regularly  asked - please email us if you have any other questions.

    Where does the word Angel come from?

    The word Angel comes from the word Angelios meaning messenger.

    What religion do Angels belong to?

    Angels are totally non-denominational and are in all religious texts.

    How can Angels help you?

    We all have free will - if we choose not to ask then the Angels are not allowed to help us.  Angels come at times of radical transformation to help us move out of fear.  Angels help us to see all the vast and new possibilities in our lives.

    Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?

    Yes this Angel is with you constantly throughout your life and never leaves you for a moment – you are never truly alone.

    How does the Angel Jewellery work?

    Each piece of jewellery is linked to an Angel and is given Angel Blessings after it has been made – the blessings are carried out as the Angels have guided us to do them.

    How do I know which piece of Jewellery to buy for a friend?

    There are two ways – one is to look at the meanings and choose which one you feel is best for them.  The other way is to ask the Angels to help you choose, we have found that by asking the Angels and trusting in the reply the piece chosen is usually the most appropriate for that person even if it does not appear so at the time.