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    Blocks can be very natural in nature.

    “Removing the regular blocks on our path allows us to move forward and fully appreciate the joy and positivity that surrounds all all. Your focus changes once a block has been removed. Your life source is therefore animated”.
    The Path of Angels 2015

    We offer a 4 tiered system, allowing us to meet the needs of as many of our clients as possible these are:

    Platinum Service

    This is tailored to the CEO of any Business, or the Entrepreneurs, we work with you to identify the blocks that you have and help you overcome them, in doing so we help you move forward in a motivated and focused way. Life can throw some challenges that create blocks, by removing these you can then concentrate on what you do best, following your dreams with more motivation and move forward into a more positive and focussed way.

    This is a 1-1 service which is very much tailored to the needs of the individual, there is an initial assessment, then ongoing support the level of which is agreed by both parties after the initial assessment.

    For Further details or to have  a discussion with us about your needs, please contact us.

    Gold Service

    This is tailored to all Professionals, for example health Professionals, Writers, and people with stressful working lives. This service is tailored to help you overcome the challenges which place blocks in your way and move you towards regaining positivity and focus with in your life.

    This is a 1-1 service which is tailored to the individual and has a monthly meeting with some ongoing support to help the individual, live a more joyful and focussed life.

    For Further details or to have a discussion with us please contact us.

    Silver Customers

    This is suitable for Groups of people who need help to move forward, we work with Womens groups, people who are suffering from conditions which places blocks on their path regularly. The Maximum within each group is 8 people allowing us to focus on the individual as well as the group of people.

    Working within a group allows you to gain friendship, support and motivation, which enhances your life and allows you to regain a more fulfilling life. As well as the work within the groups there will also be a 15 minute 1-1 individual session allowing you to gain the most from the experience.

    For Further details or to have a discussion with us please contact us.

    Bronze Customers

    This is an online support service which offers you support to remove the current blocks in your life. we will support you through our private Facebook group and emails. 

    We can arrange to have a SKYPE call to help you, if you would like this please advise us when you get in touch to arrange your package.

    For Further details or to have a discussion with us please contact us.