Flower Fairy Cake Topper£4.50

The Fairy comes in the following colours, purple, red, white, pink or orange.
Carry your Flower Fairy wherever you go, Fairies will help you all the way.

The Flower Fairy is approximately 20 cm long.

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Product Description

These Flower Fairy Cake Toppers are ideal for a special birthday or event. They are shown here on decorated cupcakes and were especially popular with people at the show we took them too. They are re usable once they have been cleaned appropriately, and make a lasting gift for someone’s special occasion whether it be a special birthday or celebration.

We take pride in producing our products, all our products are given Angel Blessings as part of the making process or when they come to us. Sound and blessed water is used to put the blessings into our products and we will, willingly add your own blessing if you request us too. If this is requested at the point of purchase then there will be no extra charge, if it is after then there will be a small charged added.  Thank you for adopting our Angels the blessings are to support you in your life. Angel Blessings